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Felix Calcination is based in Wankaner, Gujarat (India). Came into existence in 2011, the company has reached to great heights of success under the mentorship of Mr. Mayur Doshi, who is one of the partners of the firm.From a humble beginning, this unit has grown into a large modern plant manufacturing all grades of high quality refractory and allied items.The products of the company enjoy a high reputation for quality and durability and are in great demand all over the country and overseas market.


Calcined Bauxite

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1) General Grade (Al2O3 : 80-82%,  Fe2O3 : 3.5-4.5%)
2) Low Ferric Grade (Al2O3 : 83-85%,   Fe2O3 : 2.5-3.0%)
3) Abrasive Grade (Al2O3 : 82-85%,   Fe2O3 : 3.8-4.6%)


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Chamotte is a natural material having mullite as major phase with excellent refractory properties. Ashapura’s Chamotte aggregates are manufactured from natural high quality clays having minimum impurities and alkali metals. Chamotte products have high purity, low porosity and optimum thermal stability. Key features of the products are dense microstructure, homogenous granulometry and highly crystalline mullite phase.

Fused Alumina

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High Alumina Cement

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High Alumina Refractory Cement is manufactured from Calcined Alumina and high purity lime. It is used as a binder for all types of castable refractories. Ashapura offers two ranges; HARB 50 and HARB 70 with minimum alumina content of 50% and 70% respectively.

Raw Bauxite

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1) Grade (Al2O3 : 46.00 – 48.00%)
2) Grade (Al2O3 : 42.00 – 45.00%)

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